Lab Meeting, Feb. 28: Recombination and Speciation in Mice

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We’re going to conclude our readings on the genomics of speciation in mice by reading papers related to recombination and speciation. The first paper is a recent review by Nachman and Payseur that attempts to disentangle the contributions of reduced gene flow and selection at linked sites to genomic differentiation in regions of low recombination in mice and […]

Lab Meeting, Feb. 21: Hybrid Male Sterility in Mice

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For this week, we’ll be discussing two recent papers on the genetics of male sterility in house mouse hybrids. The paper by White et al. (2012)  investigates the genetics of hybrid male sterility via laboratory crossing experiments involving Mus musculus musculus and M. m. domesticus, while the Turner et al. (2012) report investigates hybrid male […]

Lab Meeting Feb. 14th: Mouse Hybrid Zones

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We’ll meet this Thursday at 4PM. Below the fold, I’m including a list of papers on the emerging model systems – Ficedula flycatchers, Heliconius butterflies, sticklebacks, and mice – that we plan to discuss this semester. Note that this list of papers is not comprehensive (it’s really just a list of the papers I read […]

Lab Meeting, Oct. 17: Quantifying Trunk Anole Display Behavior

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For lab meeting next week we’ll be talking about our efforts to characterize displays in wild populations of Anolis distichus.  I’ll focus on the results of field work and subsequent video analyses conducted with recent graduates Ryane Logsdon and Audrey Kelly.  The image above shows you some of the stereotypical displays we’ve discovered thusfar.  I’ll […]

Lab Meeting, Sept 19: Classification, Nomenclature and Taxonomy

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We’re meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 4PM to discuss the new classification for Anolis proposed by Nicholson et al. (2012).  Please check out the latest discussion on this proposal over at Anole Annals before lab meeting.  As background reading, we’ll discuss an exchange in Herpetologica between Pauly et al. [pdf link] and Crother [doi link] […]

Speciation Journal Club

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For those who haven’t already heard, Daven Presgraves and I are running a journal club on Speciation this semester. We’re covering a broad range of topics, focusing on classic literature and its implications for how we study speciation today. Attendance is open to anybody who’s interested and willing to carefully read the required material. We’ve […]