Lab Meeting, August 1st

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We’re meeting tomorrow at noon to discuss the chapter 6 of the Nosil book.  Also, here’s a link to the paper from TREE last year by Nosil and Schluter (2011) on speciation genes. Come prepared with your bike and some idea of where you’d like to go for lunch!  Perhaps its time to return to […]

Lab Meeting, July 19th 2012

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Let’s gather this Thursday at noon to discuss chapter 4 of the Nosil book.  I’m open to suggestions on where we go for lunch, but be sure to have your bike on campus.  One possibility is the new Tap & Table restaurant in Corn Hill Landing.  It looks like they have sandwiches for <$10, but […]

Farewell to Audrey Party

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We recently had a going away party for undergraduate researcher Audrey Kelly, who just moved on to start her PhD studies with Karin Pfennig at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Audrey was a long-term member of the lab; I first met her when she visited as a high school senior and prospective U […]