Lab Meeting, 2nd May: More Heliconius

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From Guiggy: We’re going to change directions a bit and talk about some QTL studies of Heliconius. Baxter, S. W., S. E. Johnston and C. D. Jiggins 2009. Butterfly speciation and the distribution of gene effect sizes fixed during adaptation. Heredity 102(1): 57-65 [doi] Papa, R., D. D. Kapan, B. A. Counterman, K. Maldonado, D. […]

Lab Meeting, 24 April: Heliconius

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Lab meeting discussions this semester have moved from mice to flycatchers to sticklebacks. Guiggy and I are going to end the semester with a bang with papers on Heliconius butterflies this week and the next. For this week, we’ll be discussing the following two papers: Dasmahapatra KK et al. 2012 Butterfly genome reveals promiscuous exchange of […]

Lab Meeting 18 April: Manuscript Help!

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We’re going to be changing it up for this week’s lab meeting. This week, I would like some feedback on a manuscript which is also the last chapter of my thesis (whoop!). It is still a work in progress so while any feedback is welcome, I’d really like suggestions about the direction of the paper.

Ben Stars in Undergraduate Poster Session

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The Undergraduate Program in Biology and Medicine held a poster session last Friday where Ben Desch presented a poster describing the research he did in our lab as a de Kiewiet Summer Research Fellow. Using AFLPs, Ben studied genetic structure of Anolis cristatellus across Puerto Rico. Ben was particularly interested in whether the adaptive dewlap […]