Graduating Undergraduates and More!

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A huge congratulations to Audrey Kelly and Ryane Logsdon, who graduated last weekend!  Audrey and Ryane have been a part of the Glor Lab family since their sophomore year and, throughout that time, they delved into a variety of Anolis distichus projects ranging from characterization of behavioural displays to parentage analysis to dewlap size variation.  […]

A New Experiment

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With Anthony’s breeding experiment having come to a close with the last F1 baby hatching on Saturday, Dan Macguigan and I have started a new experiment in the lizard room involving dietary manipulations.  Look out for the yellow stickers the next time you’re in the lizard room!

Lab Meeting 22nd March

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For this week’s lab meeting, we are going to read Mike Ryan’s chapter entitled Sexual Selection: A Tutorial from the Túngara Frog (pg 185-203) as well as a Ryan paper on plasticity in female mate choice. Bring along papers to share and tales of Spring Break adventures!

Lab Meeting, Wed 15th Feb

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For this week’s lab meeting, we’ll be reading Normand et al. (2011). While this is not from Am. Nat’s special issue, this paper still explores the ecological and evolutionary limits to geographic ranges in European plant species. We’ll also use this week’s lab meeting to decide whether we still want to continue on this topic […]

Cage Completed!

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The new cage for Audrey and Ryane’s behavioural experiments is done and ready to go! Over the next couple of days, they will be putting some real anoles in there to see if they can get them to display in their large, new environment. All very exciting stuff and we’re all eagerly awaiting the results!

Lab Meeting, 15th July

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For tomorrow’s lab meeting (1pm), we’re going to read a paper by Freedman et al (2010) . I feel like pizza and sunshine, so perhaps we can have a vote on either Napa (next to Boulder) or Tony D’s (Corn Hill), which both have outside seating.

Need a break?

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Not only does Ryane work on Anolis distichus behaviour in the lab but, turns out, she’s not too bad at photography too. The next time you head to Starbucks for a caffeine fix, check out two of Ryane’s photo series at ‘Acute Triangulation’, the annual undergraduate juried exhibition at Hartnett Gallery. Ryane won awards for […]

Australia Day Celebrations

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In celebration of Australia Day (26th Jan), Dave Wheeler, a fellow Aussie in the Werren Lab, will be cooking up some Aussie treats, including meat pies, pasties, lamingtons, vanilla slice and, of course, vegemite sangas, while I’m going to be making caramel slice and Anzac bikkies. All to be washed down with some Coopers. The […]

Tea, Scones and Terminator 2

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Lab alum, Ali Ossip-Klein, was back in town over the holidays. While most of the Glor lab was away, Audrey and I had a good catch up with Ali over afternoon tea, scones and an educational viewing of Terminator 2. Audrey had been given the field nickname of “Sarah Connor” last summer, so it was […]