Farewell to Audrey Party

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We recently had a going away party for undergraduate researcher Audrey Kelly, who just moved on to start her PhD studies with Karin Pfennig at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Audrey was a long-term member of the lab; I first met her when she visited as a high school senior and prospective U […]

Graduating Undergraduates and More!

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A huge congratulations to Audrey Kelly and Ryane Logsdon, who graduated last weekend!  Audrey and Ryane have been a part of the Glor Lab family since their sophomore year and, throughout that time, they delved into a variety of Anolis distichus projects ranging from characterization of behavioural displays to parentage analysis to dewlap size variation.  […]

Cage Completed!

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The new cage for Audrey and Ryane’s behavioural experiments is done and ready to go! Over the next couple of days, they will be putting some real anoles in there to see if they can get them to display in their large, new environment. All very exciting stuff and we’re all eagerly awaiting the results!

Scantlebury and Geneva Win Awards for Presentations at JMIH

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Be sure to congratulate Dan and Anthony the next time you see them.  For his talk on “Patterns of adaptive radiation in West Indian dwarf geckos (Sphaerodactylidae: Sphaerodactylus),” Dan won the SSAR’s Henri Seibert Award in Evolution/Systematics.  Anthony, meanwhile, won best poster in the SSAR’s Evolution, Genetics, & Systematics category for his poster on  “A multi-locus molecular […]

Geneva is a Candidate!

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Last week Anthony passed his qualifying exam, and earned official status as a PhD candidate.  Congratulations to Anthony!  His academic big-sis Julienne made a delicious chocolate cake for him, including a painstakingly prepared message written in sprinkles.  (Anthony only looks this sinister when he has knife in his hand.)

Glor Lab Band Photo 2011

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We went all black for this year’s photo! From left to right: Eddie, Audrey Kelly (’12), Ben Desch (’13), Shea Lambert (post-grad), Ryane Logsdon (’12), Rich Glor (PI), Anthony Geneva (PhD), Daniel Scantlebury (PhD), Julienne Ng (PhD).