Adaptive Radiation of Sulawesi Fanged-frogs

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Sulawesi is a remarkable island for the study of speciation. The island has always enjoyed isolation from other land areas, but until fairly recently (in geologic history) the island was actually an archipelago, so it is possible to assess what happens when closely related, allopatrically distributed species come into secondary contact in the regions where […]

Last Full Day on the River…

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With any luck we’ll be back in snowy Rochester by Friday night.  Here are few shots from my last full day on the Rio Bani.  I’m including a shot of a female A. marcanoi that I found near the male whose photo I posted over on Anole Annals.  Dan, Anthony and Miguel are spending the […]

International Coffee Break

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Anyone familiar with life in the Glor Lab knows that coffee is a important feature of lab culture.  Things remain much the same when we’re in the field, with each morning beginning with a trip to a local roadside coffee stand.  Unhappy with the quality recently offered by our long-term provider in Bani, we set […]

Update from Bani

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Anthony, Dan, Miguel and I are down in Bani working the Recodo Road transect.  We spent yesterday hiking beyond the transect’s previous endpoint (Recodo #5).  We hiked for four hours into the foothills of the Cordillera Central before reaching a small coffee farming village populated primarily by migrant Haitian workers (they work the cane in […]