New Scantlebury Paper on Madagascan Diversification

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Dan Scantlebury’s paper on Madagascan diversification was just published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The cover features Dan’s photo of an undescribed species of Pareodura licking its eye. Congratulations to Dan on a job well done. Here’s the abstract of Dan’s paper: “The evolutionary origins of Madagascar’s biodiversity remain mysterious despite the […]

Ben Stars in Undergraduate Poster Session

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The Undergraduate Program in Biology and Medicine held a poster session last Friday where Ben Desch presented a poster describing the research he did in our lab as a de Kiewiet Summer Research Fellow. Using AFLPs, Ben studied genetic structure of Anolis cristatellus across Puerto Rico. Ben was particularly interested in whether the adaptive dewlap […]

A New Experiment

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With Anthony’s breeding experiment having come to a close with the last F1 baby hatching on Saturday, Dan Macguigan and I have started a new experiment in the lizard room involving dietary manipulations.  Look out for the yellow stickers the next time you’re in the lizard room!