Cage Completed!

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The new cage for Audrey and Ryane’s behavioural experiments is done and ready to go! Over the next couple of days, they will be putting some real anoles in there to see if they can get them to display in their large, new environment. All very exciting stuff and we’re all eagerly awaiting the results!

Adaptive Radiation of Sulawesi Fanged-frogs

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Sulawesi is a remarkable island for the study of speciation. The island has always enjoyed isolation from other land areas, but until fairly recently (in geologic history) the island was actually an archipelago, so it is possible to assess what happens when closely related, allopatrically distributed species come into secondary contact in the regions where […]

Recent Papers on the Neutral Theory (the Biodiversity One)…

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Just stumbled upon some recent papers concerning the neutral theory of biodiversity and biogeography that I thought I’d share.  The first is an examination of the effects of neutral processes on phylogenetic tree imbalance (Davies et al. 2011). Interestingly, the authors find that neutral theory can account for the variation in species diversity among clades […]

Gonatodes and Neil Diamond: the future of evolutionary biology?

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Friend, collaborator, and fellow geckophile Tony Gamble just published an exciting paper in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology elucidating the biogeographic history of all New World gecko lineages.  A particularly noteworthy finding is that geckos reached the Americas via almost every possible biogeographic scenario: land bridges, overseas dispersal, and human-mediated introductions [DOI link].  If that’s […]

Anolis distichus Displays

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We spent much of our time in the field this summer watching Anolis distichus displays.  Check them out, they’re pretty complicated and we’re just beginning to understand their content.  I suggest that you turn the sound off and switch to HD resolution for the best viewing experience.  The displays in this video were filmed by […]