Glor Lab Photos on Flickr

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I’ve started posting some Glor Lab images over at flickr.  I’m hoping to get more images up this week, including highlights from our 2010 and 2011 expeditions.

I’d love to get your help labeling images because I’ll never get to all them myself.  You should be able to comment on specific images and I can then convert these comments into descriptions when appropriate.

Please also let me know if you have any images you’d like to contribute.  In addition to field photos, I have one set that includes images from around the lab in Rochester and would love to receive any contributions you guys might have from things like lab meetings, lab parties, or just images of your research.

One thought on “Glor Lab Photos on Flickr

  1. flickr idea is awesome. Do you think we can post some clips of babies being fed from the lab? They are really cute.

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