Lab Meeting, 19 April

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Rather than read a book chapter this week, lets change gears.  Dr Molly Cummings is the graduate student invited speaker this year and will be giving her seminar this Friday.  To prepare, let’s read two of her recent papers on swordtail behavior.  The first is a more traditional behavioral mate choice experiment and the second uses gene expression data to investigate mate choice.  We’ll read and discuss both on Thursday.

Wong R.Y, So P., & Cummings M.E. 2011. How female size and male displays influence mate preference in a swordtail.Animal Behaviour 82: 691-697. [PDF]

Lynch K.S., Ramsey M.E. & Cummings M.E. 2012. The mate choice brain: comparing gene profiles between female choice and male coercive poeciliids. Genes, Brain and Behavior 11:222-229. [PDF]