Lab Meetings Fall 2012 & Lizard Room Cleaning

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Remember when the lizard room looked like this?

Let’s get together this week to plan lab meetings for the Fall semester.  Because some folks may not yet have their course schedules fully established until after this week, my suggestion is that we set up a temporary time for this week.  Let me know when you’re available in the late afternoon/early evening this week via this Doodle calendar.  We have three important things to do at this lab meeting.

First, we need to discuss our topic for the semester (if any).  Please come with suggestions on topics you’d like to cover, whether for a week or for the entire semester.

Second, for this week, I’d like to discuss two recent papers from Systematic Biology on species delimitation.  These papers follow on the theme we’re discussing in Journal Club on Tuesday.  The papers are Zapata and Jimenez’s paper on inferring morphological gaps across a geographic landscape and Harrington and Near’s paper on species delimitation in Snubnose darters.  Don’t forget to bring papers to share too!

Finally, third, I’d like to get whoever is lizard room certified to stick around for an hour or two after our lab meeting discussion to help clean some cages.