Lab Meeting, Oct. 17: Quantifying Trunk Anole Display Behavior

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For lab meeting next week we’ll be talking about our efforts to characterize displays in wild populations of Anolis distichus.  I’ll focus on the results of field work and subsequent video analyses conducted with recent graduates Ryane Logsdon and Audrey Kelly.  The image above shows you some of the stereotypical displays we’ve discovered thusfar.  I’ll be looking for your suggestions on how we might advance this work in the coming weeks.  As background reading, I’m assigning two papers:

Jenssen, T. A., and N. L. Gladson. 1984. A comparative display analysis of the Anolis brevirostris complex in Haiti. Journal of Herpetology 18:217–230. [jstor link]

Jennsen, T. A., S. Garrett, and W. J. Sydor. 2012. Complex signal usage by advertising male green anoles (Anolis carolinensis): a test of assumptions. Herpetologica 68:345–357. [doi link]