Lab Meeting, Feb. 21: Hybrid Male Sterility in Mice

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Fig. 5 from the White et al. (2012) reading for this weeks lab meeting.

For this week, we’ll be discussing two recent papers on the genetics of male sterility in house mouse hybrids. The paper by White et al. (2012)  investigates the genetics of hybrid male sterility via laboratory crossing experiments involving Mus musculus musculus and M. m. domesticus, while the Turner et al. (2012) report investigates hybrid male sterility across a hybrid zone between the same two subspecies in central Europe. If you want to explore this issue further, I’m also providing links to two even more recent papers by Campbell et al. Please also be prepared to discuss the two papers from last week’s meeting on hybridization in nature.

Turner, L. M., D. J. Schwahn, and B. Harr. 2012. Reduced male fertility is common but highly variable in form and severity in a natural house mouse hybrid zone. Evolution 66:443–458. [doi link]

White, M. A., M. Stubbings, B. L. Dumont, and B. A. Payseur. 2012. Genetics and evolution of hybrid male sterility in house mice. Genetics 191:917–934. [doi link]

Campbell, P., J. M. Good, and M. W. Nachman. 2013. Meiotic Sex Chromosome Inactivation is Disrupted in Sterile Hybrid Male House Mice. Genetics. [doi link]

Campbell, P., J. M. Good, M. D. Dean, P. K. Tucker, and M. W. Nachman. 2012. The contribution of the Y chromosome to hybrid male sterility in house mice. Genetics 191:1271–1281. [doi link]