Lab Meeting, Feb. 28: Recombination and Speciation in Mice

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We’re going to conclude our readings on the genomics of speciation in mice by reading papers related to recombination and speciation. The first paper is a recent review by Nachman and Payseur that attempts to disentangle the contributions of reduced gene flow and selection at linked sites to genomic differentiation in regions of low recombination in mice and rabbits. The second study by Payseur and Place scans the genomes of mice for loci experiencing linkage disequilibrium that might be associated with Dobzhansky-Muller incompatibilities. I’m also providing a link to to a predecessor of this second study by Payseur and Hoekstra.

Nachman, M. W., and B. A. Payseur. 2012. Recombination rate variation and speciation: theoretical predictions and empirical results from rabbits and mice. Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 367:409–421. [doi link]

Payseur, B. A., and M. Place. 2007. Searching the genomes of inbred mouse strains for incompatibilities that reproductively isolate their wild relatives. The Journal of heredity 98:115–122. [doi link]

Payseur, B. A., and H. E. Hoekstra. 2005. Signatures of reproductive isolation in patterns of single nucleotide diversity across inbred strains of mice. Genetics 171:1905–1916. [doi link]