Visit from Todd Jackman of Villanova University

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Todd Jackman

Todd Jackman is in town this week to give our Friday afternoon EEB seminar.  Todd earned his PhD in Dave Wake’s lab at UC Berkeley working with the famous ring species Ensatina eschscholtzii.  Some of the data Todd gathered during the course of his thesis has proven to be timeless, having just been republished as part of an analyses by Pereira and Wake in the September 2009 issue of Evolution.  Todd then went on to a post-doc at Washington University under Jonathan Losos and Allan Larson, where he produced the first comprehensive phylogenies for Anolis based on DNA sequence data. Todd then landed his current position as a professor in the Department of Biology at Villanova University.  Todd continues to work on salamanders, but now spends most of time as one of the leaders of a major collaborative effort to reconstruct evolutionary relationships among all the geckos of the world.  This recent work on gecko phylogenetics will the focus of Todd’s talk on Friday.

Todd’s schedule on Friday is mostly booked up, but you should contact Brenna Holik in the departmental office if you’d like to get a spot.  He may also be available on Thursday afternoon/evening if you’re desperate to get a time and nothing is available on Friday.  Please also join us for a social at my house (56 Bond St.) after Todd’s talk at 6:30 on Friday.