Laboratory Workspace, Storage and Shared Equipment

Workspace: To accommodate multiple users, students, and associates of the laboratory, there are no assigned bench spaces in the lab. The goal of this policy is to keep all work stations clear when they are not in use. Anyone working in the lab is free to make use of vacant workspace in the facility on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Storage: Ample storage space for supplies and equipment is available in the main laboratory area. Storage in laboratory drawers and shelves is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To claim a space, users need simply place a laboratory-provided label with the user’s or PI’s name on the appropriate cabinet or shelf. No space in the BI molecular lab is available for long-term storage and use of spaces will be evaluated annually.

Shared Laboratory Equipment: Most of the equipment (e.g., thermal cyclers, gel electrophoresis rigs, centrifuges, etc.) in the laboratory has been purchased using research funds of the PI’s who use the laboratory as their primary molecular genetic research facility. These PI’s make this equipment available to all trained users of the facility, with the understanding that it is used only with appropriate and that users will assume financial responsibility for any damage they may cause through improper use.

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