Carl HutterPhD student (co-advised with Rafe Brown)The evolution of mating signals, assemblage structure, and signal convergence within and among global frog communities
Pietro de MelloPhD student1st
Kevin ChovanecPhD student1st
Lab Alums
JulienneJulienne NgPhD StudentDewlap color and reproductive isolation in the Hispaniolan trunk anoles (Anolis distichus group)
scantlebury_thumbDaniel ScantleburyPhD StudentDiversification of West Indian dwarf geckos (Sphaerodactylus)
Anthony GenevaPhD StudentPopulation genomics of speciation
Audrey KellyUndergraduate ('12)Display diversity across populations of A. distichus
Ryane LogsdonUndergraduate ('12)Dewlap size and variation in signaling environment
Christine_thumbChristine ReinhardtUndergraduate ('12)Lizard mortality analyses and sequence editing
Emily DunnUndergraduate ('13)Adaptation of scale number and shape in anoles.
Hillary GoldmanUndergraduate ('13)Lizard husbandry
Ben DeschUndergraduate ('13)Parasites and AFLPs
Frank ChangUndergraduate ('13)Lizard cage building and AFLPs
Erin HatchUndergraduate ('14)Lizard husbandry
Shea LambertLab Alum (Post-graduate Researcher '10-'11)Molecular genetic analyses of crown-giant anole evolution
mj_thumbMary-Jennifer TruiniLab Alum (Undergraduate '11)Development of new molecular markers for squamates from genomic resources
Shane_thumbShane Campbell-StatonLab Alum (Undergraduate Honors Student/Postgraduate Researcher '07-'09)Currently a PhD student at Harvard University with Scott Edwards and Jonathan Losos
rudman_thumbSeth RudmanLab Alum (Undergraduate '10)Currently a PhD student with Dolph Schluter at the University of British Columbia. Glor Lab Project: Multilocus phylogenetic analysis of the Anolis sagrei group
Ali_thumbAli Ossip-KleinUndergraduate ('10)Currently a PhD student with Emilia Martins at Indiana University. Glor Lab Project: Population structure and gene flow across a subspecific boundary in A. distichus

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