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Adaptive Radiation Journal Club

This page is intended for the use of students postdocs and faculty involved in the University of Rochester's Fall '07 EEB journal club. The purpose of this journal club is to provide an overview of important topics related to adaptive radiation.






Reading (* = papers to be read by everyone)




Organizational meeting




Nitin Phadnis

Classic Perspectives

* Simpson, G. G.  1953.  The Major Features of Evolution. Columbia University Press, New York. (Chapter 7) |PDF|

Clausen J., D.D. Keck, and W.M. Hiesey. 1940. Experimental studies on the nature of species. I. Effects of varied environments on western North American plants. Carnegie Institute of Washington publ. no. 520. (excerpt)

Osborn, H. F.  1902.  The law of adaptive radiation. Am. Nat. 36:353-363. |PDF|



Rob Laport

Modern Perspective

* Schluter, D.  2000.  The Ecology of Adaptive Radiation. Oxford University Press, New York. (Chapter 2)

Givnish, T. J.  1997.  Adaptive radiations and molecular systematics: issues and approaches. Pp. 1-54 in T. J. Givnish and K. J. Sytsma, eds. Molecular Evolution and Adaptive Radiation. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. |PDF|

Losos, J. B. & D. B. Miles. 2002. Testing the hypothesis that a clade has adaptively radiated: Iguanid lizards as a case study. American Naturalist 160:147-157. |PDF|



David Loehlin

Key Innovation

* Liem, K. F.  1973.  Evolutionary strategies and morphological innovations: Cichlid pharyngeal jaws. Syst. Zool. 22:425-441. |PDF|

Hunter, J. P., and J. Jernvall.  1995.  The hypocone as a key innovation in mammalian evolution. PNAS 92:10718-10722. |PDF|

Hulsey, C. D. 2006. Micro- and macroevolutionary decoupling of cichlid jaws: A test of Liem’s key innovation hypothesis. Evolution 60:2096-2109. |PDF|

Hodges, S. A. and M. L. Arnold. 1995. Spurring plant diversification: are floral nectar spurs a key innovation? Proc. Royal Soc. B 262:343-348. |PDF|



  Shanwu Tang

Ecological Opportunity


* Grant, P.R. and B.R. Grant. 2002. Adaptive radiation of Darwin's finches. Am. Sci. 90: 130-139. |PDF| NOTE: This is a big file (~26 MB)

Schluter, D.  2000.  The Ecology of Adaptive Radiation. Oxford University Press, New York. (Chapter 4)



Victoria Cattani

Speciation I: Ecological, Parallel, and Sympatric Speciation

* Rundle, H. D., L. Nagel, J. W. Boughman, and D. Schluter.  2000.  Natural selection and parallel speciation in sympatric sticklebacks. Science 287:306-308. |PDF|

Richmond, J. Q., and T. W. Reeder.  2002.  Evidence for parallel ecological speciation in scincid lizards of the Eumeces skiltonianus species group (Squamata : Scincidae). Evolution 56:1498-1513. |PDF|

Rundle, H. D., and P. Nosil.  2005.  Ecological speciation. Ecology Letters 8:336-352. |PDF|

Schliewen UK, Tautz D, Paabo S. 1994. Sympatric speciation suggested by monophyly of crater lake cichlids. Nature 368: 629-632. |PDF|



  Dan McNabney

Speciation II: Sexual Selection & Sensory Drive

* Maan, M. E., K. D. Hofker, J. J. M. van Alphen, and O. Seehausen.  2006.  Sensory drive in cichlid speciation. American Naturalist 167:947-954. |PDF|

Leal, M., and L. J. Fleishman.  2004.  Differences in visual signal design and detectability between allopatric populations of Anolis lizards. Am. Nat. 163:26-39. |PDF|

Seehausen, O., and D. Schluter.  2004.  Male-male competition and nuptial-colour displacement as a diversifying force in Lake Victoria cichlid fishes. Proceedings B 271:1345-1353. |PDF|

Terai, Y. and others. 2006. Divergent selection on opsins drives incipient speciation in Lake Victoria cichlids. PLoS Biology 4:2244-2251. |PDF|



  Julienne Ng

Speciation III: Vicariant Speciation

* Glor, R. E., M. E. Gifford, A. Larson, J. B. Losos, L. R. Schettino, A. R. C. Lara, and T. R. Jackman.  2004.  Partial island submergence and speciation in an adaptive radiation: a multilocus analysis of the Cuban green anoles. Proceedings B 271:2257-2265 . |PDF|

Rüber, L., E. Verheyen, C. Sturmbauer, and A. Meyer.  1998.  Lake level fluctuations and speciation in rock-dwelling cichlid fish in Lake Tanganyika, East Africa. Pp. 225-240 in P. R. Grant, ed. Evolution on Islands. Oxford University Press, Oxford. |PDF|



  Daniel Scantlebury

Replicate Radiations and their Implications

* Losos, J. B., T. R. Jackman, A. Larson, K. de Queiroz, and L. Rodriguez-Schettino.  1998.  Contingency and determinism in replicated adaptive radiations of island lizards. Science 279:2115-2118. |PDF|

Gillespie, R.  2004.  Community assembly through adaptive radiation in Hawaiian spiders. Science 303:356-359. |PDF|



  Jing Zhu

The Sequence of Adaptive Radiation

* Schluter, D., T. Price, A. O. Mooers, and D. Ludwig.  1997.  Likelihood of ancestor states in adaptive radiation. Evolution 51:1699-1711. |PDF|

Ackerly DD, Schwilk DW, Webb CO. 2006. Niche evolution and adaptive radiation: Testing the order of trait divergence. Ecology 87: S50-S61. |PDF|

Streelman, J. T., and P. D. Danley.  2003.  The stages of vertebrate evolutionary radiation. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 18:126-131. |PDF|

Richman, A. D. and T. Price. 1992. Evolution of ecological differences in the Old World leaf warblers. Nature 355:817-821. |PDF|



  Jeremy Herren

Rates of Species Diversification

Hodges, S. A. 1997. Floral nectar spurs and diversification. International J. Plant Sciences 158:S81-88. |PDF|

* Baldwin, B. G., and M. J. Sanderson.  1998.  Age and rate of diversification of the Hawaiian silversword alliance (Compositae). PNAS 95:9402-9406. |PDF|

Lovette, I. J., and E. Bermingham.  1999.  Explosive speciation in the New World Dendroica warblers. Proceedings B 266:1629-1636. |PDF|

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Stanley, S. M. 1979. Macroevolution: Pattern and Process. The Johns Hopkins University Press. (Chapter 5) |PDF|



  Mahul Chakraborty

Morphological Diversification During Adaptive Radiation


* Harmon, L. J., J. A. Schulte, A. Larson, and J. B. Losos.  2003.  Tempo and mode of evolutionary radiation in iguanian lizards. Science 301:961-964. |PDF|

Foote, M. 1993. Discordance and concordance betewen morphological and taxonomic diversity. Paleobiology 19:185-204. |PDF|

Lovette, L. J., E. Bermingham, R. E. Ricklefs. 2002. Clade-specific morphological diversification and adaptive radiation in Hawaiian songbirds. Proc. Royal Soc. B 269:37-42. |PDF|

Burns, K. J., S. J. Hackett, N. K. Klein. 2002. Phylogenetic relationships and morphological diversity in Darwin's finches and their relatives. Evolution 56:1240-1252. |PDF|



  Adam Green

Genetics Basis of Adaptive Divergence

* Abzhanov, A., W. P. Kuo, C. Hartmann, B. R. Grant, P. R. Grant, and C. J. Tabin.  2006.  The calmodulin pathway and evolution of elongated beak morphology in Darwin's finches. Nature 442:563-567. |PDF|

Shapiro, M. D., M. A. Bell, and D. M. Kingsley.  2006.  Parallel genetic origins of pelvic reduction in vertebrates. PNAS 103:13753-13758. |PDF|



  Rob Unckless

  Adaptation Along the Lines of Least Resistance

  * Grant, P. R. and B. R. Grant. 1995. Predicting microevolutionary responses to direct selection on heritable variation. Evolution 49:241-251. |PDF|

Lande, R. 1979. Quantitative genetic analysis of multivariate evolution, applied to brain size allometry. 33:402-416. |PDF|

Lande, R. and S. J. Arnold. 1983. The measurement of selection on correlated characters. Evolution. 37:1210-1226. |PDF|



  Ray Choudhury

  Non-adaptive Radiation

 * Wake, D. B. 2006. Problems with species: patterns and processes of species formation in salamanders. Ann. Missouri Bot. Garden. 93:8-23. |PDF|

Kozak, K. H., D. W. Weisrock, and A. Larson. 2006. Rapid lineage accumulation in a non-adaptive radiation: phylogenetic analysis of diversification rates in eastern North American woodland salamanders (Plethodontidae: Plethodon). Proc. Royal Soc. B 273:539-546. |PDF|

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